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I began this journey of writing my life story because of the numerous years I was told, “You should write a book about your life.” As life continued on, I began to see the importance of telling my story. It is a story of trials and triumphs that have helped numerous individuals over the years help achieve the goals and dreams they may have had in their own lives. I’ve been a mentor since I was 24 years old. I saw then that my experiences would make the difference in the future of young men and women from the inner cities and even the suburbs. Everyone faces life struggles, and they’re not any less painful to the person going through them, whatever their financial status may be. I try to be that person who can provide that word of advice at that exact moment a person may need to hear it. Even without them saying it out loud. I believe that we all should help one another when we can. No one can do it alone and everyone needs help sometimes. I do my best to be that person to lean on when needed.

  • The Problem Solver, A Look Through My Mirror, Autobiography of Fred Davis